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Enjoy the videos and reflections created by children participating in the "Samskritam for Children" 8-week SBUSA workshops during Summer 2020.

Anjika Awasthi Sanskrit Project.mp4

Aishwarya Samscritham



"I speak Samskritam"

"Samskritam is fun!"

"Samskritam is easy to learn! "

Samskrita Bharati (SB) teaches Samskritam as a "spoken language" - we internalize language learning processes naturally when we learn to speak Samskritam

Learning a language via the grammar route - is artificial and difficult (as is typical when learning Samskritam outside of Samskrita Bharati)

Spoken Samskritam can be learned by children as young as 3-4 years old like a mother tongue. Over 1000s of children all ages and many more adults are learning Spoken Samskritam today!

Kausthubh_Sanskritam SmithaK.mp4
Sankalp Dubey.mp4
Sumedha, Rishabh, Vaishnavi - Samkritam project.mp4

Samskritam Project-Aadhyaansh-8yrs.MOV
Samskritam__Lakkshanasre_12 years

Through this unique methodology, learning Samskritam becomes an effortless process of understanding the language that is the foundation of our rich and unique SamskritiH (heritage).

Aaditri's Sanskritam Story-Mama grehe-9 years old

About Reflect n' Create Project - During Week 5 of the workshop, the Reflect n' Create project was presented. Children were encouraged to think about how "Samskritam connects to me?" "I can speak Samskritam" "What I have learned so far" "Why I like Samskritam?". Children created videos and/or sketches of their reflections.

Parents have kindly shared these wonderful moments to support and encourage the Spoken Samskritam movement created by these 53 SB-USA children's workshops - Summer 2020!

Mama Parichayaha + mama grham- Prachi Chetlur- 11 years

Mama Pustakam-Dyuthi Pothukuchi, 11 years
Divya, 7 years old, Mama Gruhe
Krishna Lego, Akshata Joshi, 11
My Sanskrit Journey_Prisha Athanikar_8yrs.MOV
Movie 3.mp4
Siddharth Kudumula,Aham Samskritam Vadhami,6years.MOV
Samskritam - Pradyumna - 12 Yrs
My Sanskrit Project, Madhavan Mukunthraj, 8.mp4

Systematic studying with experienced Samskrita Bharati (SB) teachers help start the journey of learning Samskritam naturally as a spoken language.

As we learn spoken Samskritam within the context of our daily lives, we have seen students having the foundations to level up understanding of Samskritam grammar through shlokas, kaavya, shaastraas and rich literature in the well planned level-wise SB classes taught by experienced and knowledgable teachers!


53 such eight-week workshops were conducted online by 100+ dedicated and experienced teachers of Samskrita Bharati USA.

Over 700 children and teens across the USA participated with 500 more on the waiting list. Contact your local SBUSA volunteer in continue learning Samskritam in a class near you!

Samskritam practice, Viswaroop Nanduri, 8 years.mp4
Raghavendra Charepalli - Varun Nanduri - SB - 10-12.mp4
Samskritham numbers Keshavan Chakravarty 9 years.MOV
Samskritam Project-Aadhyaansh-8yrs.MOV