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Dear Children! Guardians of our Samskritam Galaxy! :) Namaste!

See these useful resources - to listen, speak and continue learning Samskritam! Tools like online dictionary, transliteration and more. We will update resources regularly. Bookmark this page - keep coming back to look for more ideas and resources.

Storyweaver Online Samskritam Story Books

Spoken Samskritam Video series for children & adults

120 free videos taught by the best teachers in Samskritam Bharati! Website

Created by Central Sanskrit University (formerly Rashtriya Samskrit Samsthan) & Samskrita Bharati India

Samskrit Tutorial - Created by Samskrit Promotion Foundation

Leveled online Samskritam curriculum and other child-friendly resources such as songs, subhashitam, stories, learning to write Samskritam and more...

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Recommended Online Samskritam Dictionary

Looking for how to say a word in Samskritam? Or seeking the meaning of a Samskritam word in English? Use the correct dictionary below.

V S Apte Dictionary - English to Sanskrit -

V S Apte Dictionary - Sanskrit to English - (Tip: click "search entry words only" box; narrow search more if needed with other search options like "words starting with" "exact matches only" etc)

Online Transliteration tool.

ITRANS or IAST <---> Devanagari transliteration tool -

Transliteration is the process of converting a word from the alphabet of one language to another. It changes the letters from the word's original alphabet to similar-sounding letters in a different one.

For example, in Devanagari the word boy (baalakaH) is written as - बालक: (Devanagari). When letters in the same word is changed to similar sounding letters in another language e.g., here in the English language, बालक: -> baalakaH (ITRANS) or bālakaḥ (IAST) .

ITRANS and IAST are commonly used transliteration schemes you will find in Samskritam books. It is important to use the write tools to ensure there is no spelling errors in transliteration.

Once you learn the transliteration key - you don't need this online link! You can do transliterate independently! :)

Online Devanagari typing tool -

Go to website ; Choose Sanskrit as the language; type the Sanskrit word using English letters as you would pronounce it and see it get converted to Devanagari script. Awesome tool to begin practice typing in Samskritam some of the words you have learned in the workshop!

Note - Once you have some basic knowledge of the Devanagari script you can proof read your Samskritam typing :)